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The Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing is a fanfiction written by Windchaser, whis was based off of the fanfiction The Conversion Bureau by Blaze. Last Man Standing has been featured in its own post on Equestria Daily and has a page on


Twilight Sparkle meets Isaac Hamilton, a human living in one of the many pony-inhabited towns across the globe. She came to tell him that he is indeed the last human alive, and to warn him of a spell called the Purification. Isaac, unable to find shelter from the spell in Equestria due to the toxic magical energies there, is given a death sentence. He is then asked to participate in a recorded interview about the events of his life, leading up to the present day.


Warning: This section may contain spoilers.

  • Isaac Hamilton: Main protagonist of the story. At the beginning of the story, he is 50 years old, living with his son Windchaser and SyRE.
  • SyRE: Isaac's AI. Developed by Dr. Thomas Marcus, SyRE was given to Isaac when he was first assigned to Science Team 8. Due to Isaac's distrust of AIs, SyRE was assigned to him as a 'thinker' AI. While SyRE can't compute as efficiently as a traditional AI, he is able to last much longer without decommissioning.
  • Will Rathmore: Childhood friend of Isaac. They attended the same high school together, frequently coming up with pranks and getting in trouble with them. Will was a genius with cracking computer networks, resulting in his discovery of the emergence of Equestria. Moved in with Isaac after both of their families left to be converted. He holds some anti-equestrian views, but not so strong as to join the HLF. Worked in Science Team 8 with Isaac, Quincy, and Roxy. Killed by Frank Dunland during an attempt to rescue his and Isaac's clones before leaving the IHSA.