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The PER's logo.


The PER (Ponification for Earth's Rebirth) is a terrorist organization. Its goals are to exterminate the human race via ponification and will go as far mass ponify civilians and even weaponize ponification serum. They hold ponies up as superior and believe the Equestrians will heal the earth.

History Edit

The PER did not originate in Blaze's story. They first appeared in Krass McWriter's story An Azure Future. They were originally conceived as a mirror to the Human Liberation Front.


The PER utilize several modified weapons not to kill, but ponify. However, their methods and potions do not always produce the desired results, and as such they, on some occasions, end up killing or mutating their victims. It also has been known to effect the victim's mental state as well. Vehicles are not used for combat roles from what records have shown, but are used for transportation. However, these rounds almost always fail to hit their target or even produce the desired effect due to these modified rounds. As such, they commonly lose encounters with law enforcement and the HLF.

Depiction Edit

The PER's depiction varies from story to story. Some TCB stories paint them as little better than the HLF when they forcibly ponify unsuspecting humans. Chatoyance's stories, particularly The PER: Michelson and Morely - The Speed of Right, imagine the PER as partisans helping a beleaguered Equestria battle Earth. Anti-TCB stories imagine the PER as villains, often as misanthropic Luddite-like environmentalists that will do anything to see all of humanity ponified.